TASP Fantasy Photo Backgrounds – October, 2020

Just for Fun: If you’d like to have one or more of these masks added to your pet photo, just let us know which one(s) when you place your order.

Choose a mask from the selections above, then choose a background from the choices below:

1 Hobgoblins

2 To Gnome Me is to Love Me (comes with hat)

3 Spooky Shack

4 Spider Web

5 Abstract

6 Misty Jack o’ Lantern

7 Trick or Treat

8 Tomb Raider

9 Sweet Halloween

Candy Corn

10 Bewitched

11 Jack o’ Lantern City

12 Be Yourself (includes cape)

13 Ghostly

14 Goin’ Batty

15 Woof Skeleton

16 Bats & Jacks

17 Spooky Halloween

18 Happy Halloween 2020

19 Trickin’ & Treatin’

20 Happy Halloween (includes hat)