“The Animal Support Project (TASP) is based in the Capital Region of NY. TASP performs Crisis Intervention and mitigation directly with companion animal owners to keep animals living with their families. In extreme cases where no other solution is possible and space is available, we will foster and re-home animals to ensure their best interest. We are the region’s ONLY all-volunteer, all-species companion animal safety net.”

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The TASP Memorial Day Tag Sale is coming up fast!

The dates are set and TASP is already preparing for another fabulous opportunity for our community to browse, shop and donate at the event everyone looks forward to, TASP’s Memorial Day Tag Sale.

Home goods, antiques, furniture, appliances, decor, tools, pet supplies and more! All new or gently used and all being sold to help TASP support animals and their people through tough times. Rain or shine, thanks to our sponsor: Next Advance, everything will remain dry and on display on Sterup Square’s covered sidewalk. And don’t forget, Papa Brillo’s Italian Restaurant is open for business at the end of the sidewalk. So once you’ve worked up an appetite with all your shopping, you’ve got a first-rate place to grab a meal!

TASP Fantasy Photo Clinics are held monthly at Benson’s and Pet Supplies Plus AND online, too!

CLICK HERE to learn more!

Can’t make it to the live photo clinics? No problemo! Just click on the button to order your Fantasy Photo ONLINE!

The Numbers Are In for 2021! The total number of animals assisted by The Animal Support Project in 2021: 392! This, in spite of the continued challenges of working amid the continued pandemic!

*TASP thanks most sincerely our core grassroots donors who sent a check here and there, supported our temporary online-only pet Fantasy Photo events, donated food and items for the animals & for our tag sales and stayed in touch with us all through 2021. Without your loyalty and generosity, we could not have extended our helping hands and hearts to the 392 animals and their families who found non-judgemental support under our care. TASP is truly YOUR boots on the ground for saving local animals from crises. You should take pride in this!

The number of owned animals assisted: 360!

The number of animals admitted to the TASP foster-adoption program: 32!

That means over 90% of the pets brought to TASP for help in 2021 were able to remain with their families once we got involved!

Species served by TASP in 2021: Cat, Dog, Bird, Rabbit…….

2021 brought us more pandemic in more flavors than we ever wanted. But once again, the most important things endure: family and friendship! Please keep yourself safe and your pets, too!

Are you glad The Animal Support Project was able to help you?

Would you be willing to help The Animal Support Project?

 If you have internet access, please consider posting a review at:

It won’t cost you a penny to do this but it could help save an animal’s life.

Greatnonprofits.org is the site where donors go when they want to donate to a charity, to see what that charity’s value is to the community. Organizations with lots of good reviews have the opportunity to receive more donations because they’re putting the donations to good use.

Donations are what made it possible for TASP to help you and your pet(s).

Would you please post a review to help more deserving pets who need TASP’s assistance?

I hope you will take the time to post a review so when the next pet owner reaches out to us, we won’t have to turn them down.

THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED US EARN OUR 2021 TOP RATED CHARITY STATUS ON GREAT NONPROFITS.ORG ! Please keep those reviews coming so we can stay on top and help more animals through this seal of credibility.

Thanks for caring!

Warm regards,

….Melinda and TASP: Top Rated Nonprofit (again)! 

Personalized T-Shirts! Support TASP and show your Pet-Mom Pride!

Robin sez, “Get a load of the extra-neat T-Shirt Mom got for Mother’s Day! Available in just about any color of the rainbow, Mom‘s royal blue one shows off her pretty red hair, don’t ya think? And check it out! The shirt spells, “Mom,” the way I would spell it…..with a big pawprint heart! And do ya see my name written across that heart? Yep, that’s the way I wanna always be for my Mom, written across her heart.

Sixty4DesignStudio is continuing to donate $10 from each sale directly to the TASP General Operations account so TASP can keep on helping Moms (and Dads and kids, too) keep their pets safe, healthy and loved, even through tough times.

Sending a big shout out to all of you who purchased one of these ultra-cool shirts! Thank you, thank you!

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