“The Animal Support Project (TASP) is based in the Capital Region of NY. TASP performs Crisis Intervention directly with companion animal owners to keep animals living with their families. In extreme cases where no other solution is possible and space is available, we will foster and re-home animals to ensure their best interest. We are the region’s ONLY all-volunteer, all-species companion animal safety net.”

Desi sez, “How long do I have to wait for someone to give me a home?”

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Almost $2,400 raised to help local animals stay safe and healthy! Acacia Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, TASP Volunteers and Supporters all came together to bring two giant tents full of goodies to our bargain-hunting community. Three days of exceptional deals brought needed funds into our bank account so we can continue responding to the calls we receive each day from concerned pet owners needing help to keep their pets. Couldn’t do it without y’all! THANK YOU!!!!!




Thanks to TASP Volunteers, Runners and Supporters, our involvement in the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and the Hannaford Half Marathon on October 8 was an absolutely great day, in spite of a rainy start. To challenge the runners, Mother Nature cleared the skies after a couple of hours and brought on the heat as the day went on. TASP volunteers from all over the capital district, including members of RPI Acacia and Alpha Phi Omega Fraternities, marshaled the event on our behalf. Our street crew in Watervliet showed up at the crack of dawn to hand out water to the runners and direct traffic alongside the awesome men in blue from the Watervliet Police Department, while other volunteers handed out free cider, doughnuts and water to folks near the finish line in Albany. All of this day’s volunteering helped TASP earn the funds to keep our bank account flush and ready to support local animals in need. And with all the qualified calls and emails we receive on a daily basis, that account needs plenty of steady input, indeed!

Runners for TASP in the 2017 Marathon and Half Marathon earned over $1,600 for TASP! The generosity of all these folks in contributing their resources, time and energy helps us to continue to support the Capital Region’s companion animals in their time of need. Thank you!


Opt-In for Our Upcoming Newsletter

We just hit the SEND button for the third issue of  The Animal Support Project’s email newsletter, so watch for it in your email inbox. In this edition, you’ll find out what happened to Charlie & copper, Bria and Bucky. You’ll meet “Robin’s Mom,” a TASP Volunteer who has steadily helped us earn hours of smiles and loads of funds at our tag sales and photo clinics. And of course, we’re bringing you up to date on all the latest tips, resources, and legal developments concerning companion animals!  What’s that? You say you didn’t receive your TASP email newsletter?  Well, if not, then you might still need to OPT-IN. To opt-in, just click on this Opt-In link and follow the ensuing instructions. BTW, please share with anyone you know who might also be interested in receiving the newsletter. Thanks as always for keeping tabs on us. We hope you will enjoy the newsletter as much as we enjoy creating it for you. Fourth edition will be out before you know it! And you won’t want to miss out on the update about Nick!

Want to see what you missed in past TASP Newsletters? Click on the links below to check them out:

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Van Schaick Elementary School’s Energy Club Supports TASP Animals

With a Recycled Linens Drive

The Energy Team, an environmentally conscious group of students at Van Schaick Elementary School in the Cohoes Central Schools District, wanted to do something for the environment and something for the community’s animals. When they learned from the club’s advisor, Ms. Carter, that The Animal Support Project’s mission is to help companion animals stay in their homes and not be “thrown away,” they went into action……AND WHAT ACTION!

They created colorful drop boxes that were placed in strategic locations throughout the school. Then, for weeks, they advertised among their fellow students, teachers and their families at home, asking for donations of  used bed linens, towels, and blankets that could be used by local animals supported by TASP.


TASP President, Melinda Plasse, met with the students in early March to thank these thoughtful and energetic students, to share some good news about happy endings TASP has accomplished, and to pick up the loot: boxes and bags of sorted, laundered linens just perfect for use in trapping cats, washing pets, and lining animal crates. These items will be used both for our foster animals and for the owned pets we work with, and will make all the animals so much more comfortable!

These bright and caring young people are a great example of the kinds of things that even the youngest members of our community can achieve when they set their minds to it. TASP is proud to have them on our team. We know that with friends like these, our local pets have advocates who will spread our humane message for years to come.

Pictured here from left to right: Keishaliz, Mrs. Mokey, Bella, Michaela, Nyasia, Melinda Plasse and Mrs. Carter .

Congratulations on a job well done and thanks from the heart to ALL the members of the Van Schaick Energy Team who worked diligently on this project: 4th Graders:  Keishaliz, Logan, Morgan, Abbygale, Jakob, and 5th Graders: Nyasia, Bella, Michaela, Taylor.

Sheeba and Dan

It’s been several months since US Army Veteran, Dan, and his loyal companion, Sheeba, were faced with not being able to pay for Sheeba’s surgery. Take a look at the video below to see how things are going now.

……. and for the back-story, take a look at this video.
Thanks for caring!

An Act of Dog – Museum of Compassion

The Animal Support Project is honored to be one of the beneficiaries of ‘An Act of Dog – Museum of Compassion’ Rescue Rewards program.

Artist Mark Barone, in an effort to raise awareness to the fate of so many of our nation’s shelter animals, has created a stunning collection of 5,500 portraits of shelter dogs, illustrating the approximate number destroyed in shelters, every day. Just seeing one day’s worth of faces from the ranks of the innocent animals who are euthanized daily is both eye-opening and inspirational.

The “Rescue Rewards” program, is designed to generate money from the creation of beautiful art, using the 5,500 images, and giving back to rescue groups, shelters and animal welfare organizations. 100% of the proceeds raised from the Rescue Rewards program provides immediate assistance to help save as many lives as possible.

You can start saving lives today, because every product that you buy, saves a dog or cat’s life. Please visit the website. Consider not only for yourself, but perhaps your family and friends who would appreciate having one of Mark’s beautiful nightlights or artwork for a special gift.

Face it – Feel it – Fix it. Thanks for caring!

Casey’s update…..1 week after surgery……

 Casey and her family needed help and TASP responded! Tax deductible donations can be made through Razoo or PayPal. Please scroll down to the donation buttons on the left side of this page. Thanks for caring!

thank youThe Animal Support Project would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to The Pollination Project for the generous grant we were just awarded. The wonderful people at The Pollination Project understand how important our Fantasy Pet Photo fundraisers are for bringing in the cash we need for helping the animals in our community. They granted us enough money to buy a new laptop computer, software and supplies. Now we won’t have to worry about our old equipment breaking down!


Did you know that in 2016, TASP spent over $44,000 helping over 350 animals who would have otherwise been sent to the shelter or worse? The donations we receive at our Fantasy Pet Photo clinics are a vital part of our fundraising. All proceeds of our photo clinics go 100% to the care of the region’s animals in crisis; allowing us to keep saving needy pets of all species when they need us most.



Visit our Events Calendar page to find the photo clinic nearest to you. For a $10 donation, take home a framed keepsake photo of your pet against one of over twenty different digital backgrounds.

New Articles Everyday

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Update on Brooke

Hey, Everyone! This Cinderella Has Found Her Prince Charming!

Brooke In The Blackeyed Susans_web

Hey, everybody! It’s me, Brooke again. Know what? You won’t believe this, but when I was hanging out at the recent Pet Connection Adoptathon at the Van Patten Golf Club, showing off my long down-stays in front of all the cats,  the dreamiest guy walked up and started asking questions about what kind of dog he should adopt. He said he wanted a special dog who would be his forever companion. He wanted a dog who could be happy living in an apartment; someone who was trained, clean and quiet in the home, well mannered and not a chewer….. Do we know anyone who fits that description? DO WE???

So he said he was considering a Labrador Retriever puppy. But when he started learning about what Labrador Retriever puppies need to be happy, he said maybe a Lab’s not right for him. Then he asked about other breeds…..Greyhounds, Boxers, Shepherds, and all the time, I’m sitting there, trying to catch his eye and wondering when he would notice ME! Lying quietly in front of two tables full of cats! For cryin’ out loud, I was the answer to all his requirements! Would he even consider me? After all, for the past year and a half, I haven’t gotten even a single adoption application. I’m like, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, y’know? So all of a sudden, Melinda says (bless her little heart), “Well, THIS DOG,” (me, yeah, that’s right, ME) “has been in training for over a year with one of the best trainers in the country. She’s very clean in the home and not a chewer.” Y’know, I could have jumped right up and given her a big slurpy kiss! But I couldn’t, because she hadn’t released me from my down-stay. So I just lay there, trying not to get my hopes up, all the time, my stomach is doing flip-flops and I’m wishing I’d had the time to dress in one of my provocative outfits for this event……or at least had my nails done!

So check it out! This guy starts looking me over and asking all the right questions……and then……..along comes Steve Caporizzo and starts talking to the guy and then another nice man comes along and starts talking to Steve and then that nice man wants to donate a carload of stuff to The Animal Support Project so Melinda and Devin start talking to him AND MY PRINCE CHARMING WALKS AWAY!!!!! Yeah, he walks away and disappears. Meantime, Devin’s getting the van loaded with the wonderful stuff that other nice man donated and Steve Caporizzo moves on to socialize with the others at the event (he’s such a great guy!). And I’m thinkin’, “Oh, well, it was just too good to be true, anyway.

But then, just like in a romance movie, Melinda spots Prince Charming talking with someone at another rescue group’s table and she grabs an adoption application and my flyer off our table and she pulls Devin aside and says, “Go give these to that guy we were talking to about Brooke.” So Devin goes over to Prince Charming and hands him the papers and that’s that. Devin comes back, Prince Charming wanders off and I’m back to being the bridesmaid again. Until just minutes before the event is ending, MY PRINCE RETURNS and he asks to take me for a walk. So we walk together past all the other dogs, who, I think, were all teaming up to make me look extra good (I’m sure they all know how long I’ve been looking for a forever home, y’know). They were all barking and lunging and hiking their legs and chewing their leashes while I glided along like a runway model, smoooooothe as a gravy sandwich on a nice loose leash. I showed My Prince a sampling of all the fabulous tricks I can do, all the obedience moves, all the awesome long stays……and then the magic words from My Prince: “Do you have a pen?” Melinda puts a pen in his hands and he fills the application out RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT! The rest of the story is like the happiest ending in your favorite fairy tale.

My Prince is a retired Soldier. He’d been looking for the dog that would speak to him. A dog for his soulmate. And he found this in ME. Don’t tell me prayer is useless, that miracles don’t happen and that dreams don’t come true. I have not A HOME! I have THE HOME! I have THE MAN! We hike and fish and go boating together. We wander outdoors and spend quiet times on the couch together. We share secrets and we support each other 24-7. At last, I’M THE BRIDE! :o)

Brooke & Rich_web


Brooke’s Back Story……..


It’s me, Brooke. And I thought maybe some of you would like an update on what’s up with me these days. Well, after a year of training and behavior work in my foster home, I guess you could say I am a well-developed little lady. I’m three years old now. Bubbly and goofy during play & snuggle times, I can turn on the work-mode with just a word from you. Wanna see me do my long sits? Or my down-stays? Or my nosework, agility or rally obedience moves?  Wanna see me heel, or roll over? I’m not ruled by my emotions anymore and my past life of running the streets after Hurricane Sandy seems like it must have happened to someone else, not me. Today, I am a thinking dog. When a challenge comes along, I look to my person and ask them what they want from me. I’m into relationships now, not distracted anymore by the things that shouldn’t concern me.

I’m ultra clean in the house. I don’t chew furniture or shred the bedding like some dogs might do and I never, ever do my business in the house.  I’m spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and so well educated, I think I could maybe even balance your checkbook!

In my present condition, I’m ripe for finding a real home of my own. I’ve got so much love to offer and there’s so much fun to look forward to! We could drive to the pet shop and I can demonstrate my “leave-it” command as I pass by the pig ears and rope toys. We could hike in the forest together, and maybe invite some friends to come along. I love dressing up…..I’ve even got my own bikini! I love hugs from strangers, riding in the car, sharing a spoon of ice cream, hunting for kibble under the furniture and stretching out for belly rubs. I adore picking apples in the fall and wrestling with sturdy, friendly dogs my size.

And although I am now trained to leave cats and small animals alone, even if I am sitting right next to them, would it be ok if my new home didn’t have those? Their size and movement patterns make it so hard for me to resist chasing them! You know, it would break my heart if I accidentally disappointed you.

Are you looking for a special companion who will work overtime to make you happy? Someone who knows what it’s like to lose everything? Someone who will make you laugh out loud with her silly moves and her crazy costumes? I’m Brooke: precious monkey, beautiful lady, sweet sister, Girlfriend. Will you call for me? 518-727-8591

See Brooke’s Training Videos

Made possible by a grant from ASPCA.


Szula Update:

Szula’s recovered SO WELL after her elbow was rebuilt at Veterinary Specialties! Thanks to everyone who donated to Szula’s cause and also to all of you who prayed for Szula’s recovery.  Just take a look at her during her 2-week review with Dr. Fitzpatrick……….

Szula’s Back-story: This little 3.5 month old English Bulldog pup is Szula. She was playing a couple days ago in her fenced yard in Amsterdam with the other two dogs who live with her, when some miserable loser decided to try stealing her. While the perpetrator was trying to get her out the gate, the other two dogs rushed him and he slammed the gate on Szula’s left front leg, BREAKING HER ELBOW COMPLETELY! Szula’s owner, Eric, rushed her to the vet where for $300, they gave her a couple of laser treatments and told him that Szula only had a pinched nerve. A day later, when she was still in pain and not using the leg, Eric took her to the emergency hospital for $600 worth of diagnostics, including X-Rays. That’s when he found out that Szula’s leg was broken. A trip to Dr. Glennon followed, where an estimate of ~$3,000 for surgery to rebuild Szula’s shoulder was provided. Eric’s not working; in fact, he’s preparing for his own upcoming surgery. He’s already in hock for the $900 he’s spent in trying to diagnose his puppy’s injury. The perp got away and the authorities are still trying to find him. Dr. Glennon says if Szula can’t receive her surgery by Tuesday, then he’s recommending euthanasia.

SZULA UPDATE AS OF 7PM, JULY 8: Eric got discouraged over the weekend when he was only able to scare up around $300 in pledges through Onyx and Breezy Foundation and Guilderhaven. So he did not make his appointment with Dr. Glennon until I talked with him this afternoon. To date, Dr. Glennon’s office only provided a verbal estimate based on the phone call Eric had made to them back on July 3. But now Szula actually has a consult scheduled with Veterinary Specialties Referral Center for tomorrow, July 9. Either Dr. Glennon or Dr. Fitzgerald will review the tests and x-rays Eric’s already done and from there, they will make their recommendation. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, likely in the late afternoon. Meantime, please pray and send your best energy to Szula and her Dad and to the doctors who will be reviewing her case tomorrow.

SZULA UPDATE AS OF JULY 9: Eric just got back from Veterinary Specialties Referral Center. Dr. Fitzgerald says if Szula can’t get her surgery by Friday, then she should be put down. Please network like crazy so that we can get Szula the surgery she needs. This poor girl should not have to euthanized.

Anyone wishing to donate to this surgery can submit a PayPal donation via Veterinary Specialties Referral Center in Pattersonville, NY’s website. On the right hand side of the home page, click on ‘For Pet Owners’. When that page loads, on the left hand side, click on ‘Financial Assistance’. Fill out the form, including the required fields; the pet owner’s name is Andres Robles, the client id is 16295, your email address, the pet’s name is Szula and the amount of your donation. Then hit submit. On the next page click ‘Pay with PayPal’ to complete your PayPal transaction. If you have questions, Dr. Glennon’s office can be reached at 518-887-2260. Thank you so very much for your donation. Together we can get this little girl the lifesaving surgery that she needs. No donation is too small. Every little bit helps.

Official Plans for “The Hoss Fund”

HossAs many of you know, Hoss did not live to spend all the funds that were donated for his medical needs. As of this date, after paying for his X-Rays, vet visits, euthanasia and cremation (his food and his giant foam bed were paid for by TASP and his foster family), the Hoss Fund contains enough money for TASP to keep the account open, to be officially turned into a memorial fund for giant breed dogs in crisis.

Hoss was generous in size and in soul and his memory can be appropriately honored and immortalized through offering help to other giant breed dogs who, like him, need special assistance to prevent their suffering.

Anyone who wishes for their donations to be specifically applied to this purpose is welcome to do so through the Hoss Fund, by simply adding a note on their check, letter, Paypal or Razoo donation, indicating it is for Hoss’s Fund.

As always, 100% of all donations will be applied to the animals, as we are a 100% volunteer organization. Thanks for caring about Hoss and for all the giants yet to come.

To date, The Hoss Fund has helped save THREE giant breed dogs: 214lb. Tinkerbell, big, beautiful Izza, and service dog, Maia. All are adult female English Mastiffs who were in need of veterinary care. TASP teamed up with Guilderhaven to help Izza, since her condition was extremely serious. Maia and her owner are back up and on the move again, thanks to Hoss’s contribution to the vet care she needed.  Happy to report ALL these generously proportioned ladies are now recovered and Living Large with their families! Wouldn’t Hoss be proud?

If giant dogs are a particular interest of yours and you wish for your donation to TASP to be applied specifically to the care and support of the bigguns, please just mark your check or Paypal donation, “Hoss Fund,” or just say it’s “For the Giants!”

ASPCA Funds Construction of Canine Training Yard for The Animal Support Project

RPI’s Acacia Fraternity Joins TASP on Project Funded by ASPCA

Training Yard buildStudents from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Acacia Fraternity provided the manpower this month, helping The Animal Support Project (TASP) erect a secure 2,000 square foot outdoor canine training yard. The yard, constructed primarily from welded steel kennel panels obtained through a grant from The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), will be used for humanely treating behavior in TASP program dogs through positive training and controlled behavior modification methods.

According to TASP President, Melinda Plasse, “TASP’s experience with companion animal crisis intervention indicates that problem behavior is a huge contributor to canine surrenders and euthanasia. We don’t expect to create lambs out of lions here, but of those who do have the potential, we intend to create clearer-thinking, more manageable pets who will have developed the emotional skills to live successful lives in the community. We are thrilled to have the Acacia Brothers onboard for this project, and we look forward to their further involvement during the actual operation of the yard.”

The ASPCA grant was awarded as part of a continuing commitment to Brooke, a dog rescued by TASP from ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy Temporary Emergency Boarding Facility in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to Brooke, the training yard will offer a legacy of support to TASP program dogs needing behavioral adjustment in order to adapt to home and family life. ASPCA Behaviorists and Crawmer’s Animal Training of West Sand Lake, NY, will provide guidance to TASP volunteers operating the yard program.

For the full Press Release, please visit…   http://www.theanimalsupportproject.com/?p=662

ASPCA Grant Logo

Police: Two arrested in Bethlehem for animal abuse.
Horses found allegedly mistreated and malnourished.

By Spotlight Staff

Monday, November 11, 2013 -3:57 p.m.

Bethlehem Police Department executed a search warrant at 80 Waldenmaier Road on Monday, Nov. 11 as a result of a multi-week investigation into complaints of animal cruelty and neglect of horses.

Police said upon arrival to Stone Brook Farms, 33 horses were found on the property. After an investigation, some horses were allegedly found to be in various stages of neglect and malnourishment. Others were allegedly found to be without water. All horses were examined by licensed veterinarians and as a result of the examinations eight horses were seized to undergo further evaluation, treatment, and care. Police said the seized horses will be stored at another location until further ordered by the Town of Bethlehem Court.

As a result of this investigation, Karen A. Burrows, 49, and William J. Trianni, 25, both of 80 Waldenmaier Road, were arrested and charged with eight counts of failure to provide sustenance, a Class A misdemeanor under the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law. Both subjects were released on appearance tickets and are due to return to the Town of Bethlehem Court on December 3 at 4 p.m.

Volunteers from TASP were called to the scene to help police and the horses.

GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program

The Animal Support Project has met the eligibility criteria and Program guidelines to be part of the “GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program”. So if you are a donor through that program please select “The Animal Support Project” as your choice for matching gifts. Thank you.

Rosie’s Story

Hi, my name is Rosie.

TASP was honored to have cared for this wonderful little senior beagle, making the last chapter in her life as good as it could possibly be for her. After being struck by lightning in July of 2013 while tied to a steel cable in her former home’s yard, Rosie’s external injuries eventually healed. But the damage her kidneys suffered from the trauma could not be reversed and eventually claimed her on May 15, 2014. Throughout those ten months, Rosie lived in TASP foster/hospice care with other animals and people who adored her. She never let her past inhibit her sense of joy for living or her gentle disposition toward everyone she met.  Every day, she enjoyed the best in veterinary care, wholesome food and exercise. She had her own thermal beds around the house to keep her warm through the winter and in spring, she enjoyed hunting for bunnies under the shrubs in the yard with the other dogs. Rosie’s last days were spent quietly enjoying the beautiful yard and the cozy trailer at George Kautz’s place, where she, Patches and Buttons could peacefully take in all God and TASP could offer. We can only imagine the wonderful time she is having in the afterlife with all the wonderful people and animals already passed over the bridge, who surely greeted her upon her arrival.

Rosie in her foster home.

In memory of Rosie.

Jacob Goes Home


“Without my TASP foster family, I’d still be existing on the chain instead of sleeping on the bed.

View Jacob’s Video

ASPCA Generosity Helps TASP Do Right By Hurricane Sandy Animal Victims

While TASP volunteers were volunteering at ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy Emergency Pet Shelter in Brooklyn from October to January, we came across Brooke and Pluto, two wonderful pit bulls who were picked up as strays after the hurricane. As the shelter was winding down, we worked with ASPCA to develop a plan for these two dogs to move upstate with us and undergo boarding, foster care, medical care, obedience and agility training and general guidance on how to be a good member of the family. ASPCA graciously stepped forward with a generous grant enabling us to bring Brooke and Pluto to their full potential as pets, so they can achieve forever homes through our adoption program. The effort is now blossoming and we are happy to report that Pluto has moved in with his new family in Scotia. Brooke is continuing her training while she waits for an equally awesome home of her own. Both dogs will enter their new homes with a full year’s free ASPCA Pet Insurance coverage, to further insure their future. THANK YOU, ASPCA, for partnering with TASP to make this work possible. Read full press release…

ASPCA Grant Logo

Dogs rescued from NYC being trained, prepped for adoption locally

Published: Monday, June 03, 2013
By Andrew Beam – The Troy Record

CROPSEYVILLE — The Animal Support Project has a 2-year-old pit bull up for adoption after it was found without a home during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Pluto with his new adopted family, the Rosenbarkers. (photo provided)

The Animal Support Project, a 501c3 charitable organization which regularly tries to prevent pets from being placed in animal shelters, has had to play a different role after two pit bulls were found displaced due to the damage done by the hurricane to New York City. READ FULL ARTICLE…

ASPCA Grant Logo

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