EXCELLENT organization. Quick responses. Efficient, reliable, competent people responded to my questions and helped me find the perfect companion. I LOVE THEM!

Mitch and the animal suuport project helped me by fostering my 4 year old Terrier mix. She is a wonderful and can be quite anxious dog when left alone and we were no longer able to care for her. At times she was very lonely and did not have the interaction she needed. We were her 5th home in her 4 years and she desperately needs a “forever” home. She is so lovable and friendly. I was so confident when Mitch contacted me to take her in, the work that the animal support project does and what they stand for is so great! Even though I am very sad to give up “my poor” Nimaue it makes me feel very glad to know that she is getting the attention she needs and the company of other dogs to play with. Even the foster home is better than any home she has had so far. I really appreciate what the animal support project has done for us, Thank You!

The people who run The Animal Support Project are incredibly active in rescuing animals in need. I admire what they do–tirelessly finding ways to save animals from harm or neglect. Three years ago, the Animal Support Project helped us adopt our dog, Vesta. Melinda and Joanne emailed information about Vesta, answered all of my questions, brought Vesta to our house for a trial period and let us borrow a radio-operated invisible fence for months. Joanne offered to take care of Vesta if we ever got in a position where we didn’t have coverage if we went out of town. Melinda told us to contact her if we had any issues in the future that might compromise our ability to care for Vesta. I am just so impressed with their graciousness, thoroughness and generosity, and am so relieved that this group is out there in the world, paying attention and taking action.

I adopted my wonderful dog Lilly through the Animal Support Project in June. I appreciate all the background checking that they did. They were even willing to make a ninety mile drive for a home visit. I knew how much they cared about the homes their animals would be going to, as well as the human to dog fit. Lilly is 4 yrs. old- just perfect for me. She is quiet, but loves to go on walks, play with her toys and especially to cuddle on my lap. I’m taking her to obedience classes, not because she needs them, but because it’s a fun activity for us both. I would highly recommend the volunteers at T.A.S.P. if you’re looking for a dog or cat to love.

I have been involved with animal rescue work for many years. he Animal Support Project has consistently helped individuals who are struggling financially and need and want to care for their pets but lack the necessary financial resources. Melinda has helped countless people to obtain essential medications and treatment for a wide variety of problems. She is also extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and spends countless hours advocating for animals, rescuing them and educating others about animal welfare issues. She and members of her organization have also been involved in long distance emergency rescue as well. I believe that she is very ethical and makes a difference in the lives of many animals and people. It is a pleasure to work with her and I really appreciate all the good work that she does.

We first found out about the Animal Support Project when we went to an adoption day sponsored by a local television station and a small lumber store chain. It was there we met Molly, our current dog. I was so impressed with the organization from what I heard from Melinda and even more so after we saw the care that went into checking out the potential homes for placing the animals. Molly is a mixed breed–we describe her as 60 pounds of pure snuggle–that has charmed everybody she met in the past two years since we were lucky enough to bring her home. She has no bad habits (we have had a lot of dogs, so this is something we have never seen before), loves parades, car rides, and just being around people. I guess she is best described by a comment from Melinda. I called her up a few months after we got Molly and asked her why our dog would not play with dog toys. Melinda responded “Silly–that’s because you’re her toy!”. Thank you to the Project for our wonderful family member.

I rescued a beautiful Chihuahua that had many issues with separation anxiety. Barking all the time that I was out of the house,following me everywhere I went in the house. Chasing the cat etc. I received so much help from The Animal Support Project, reading material, books on dog behavior and a dog trainer came to the house to teach me how to work with the dogs barking. I also received many calls to see how we were doing. Everyone was wonderful. I now have a happy senior dog, as well as a happy senior citizen with a great new friend. Thanks to all their help.

My role is hard to define – clients of my non-profit employer have benefited from The Animal Support Project’s help when what they needed was beyond my capabilities. I have also partnered with them through a non-profit that I volunteer with that shares a related mission. They are caring, efficient, professional, knowledgeable, warm and compassionate. They have provided not only the animal-related support that they are known for, but in one case, they actually went well above and beyond by helping one client pay back union dues so he could get back to work and support his pets and himself in the future. I am honored that TASP has agreed to collaborate with both my employer and my volunteer organization.

“Animal support project has wonderful volunteers”. I’ve witnessed them going out of their way to try and help a family . taking 13 hour rides with a dog to try to find the perfect home for him. And giving The dog a place to stay and the love and care he needs when the home did not work out .Getting called out late at night to rescue birds, snakes, tarantellas and rats. Without a second thought. I feel these volunteers go above and beyond for the animals, they totally believe in what they are doing, I thank you for all the pets and families you’ve helped. and all you will help.

I have a poodle who is at least 10 years old. she was rescued from the pound where she was scheduled to be put down because of her issues and the fact that no one seemed to be interested in her. You see she is blind in one eye and dont see all that much out of the other.She also has a spinal injury which had rendered her incontinent.One of the volunteers from THE ANIMAL SUPPORT PROJECT. Saw this little sad poodle who no matter what her issues and how she felt still comes up to every person, stranger or not shyly wagging her tail as if to say are you the one? Can you help me? Well this time it worked, not only did they rescue her but they found the perfect foster home for her.They are giving her laser treatments for her spine and shes on meds for her incontinence.She hardly has a issue now.You see i am the foster mom of the remarkable little soul who is so grateful for the love and care she is getting.she has gained weight and is out of her depression..Just want to say THANK YOU! To ANIMAL SUPPORT PROJECT and the volunteer that decided not to walk away from this precious little girl who had such a bad life already. I love her…..

I stumbled upon this organization when looking for someone to help me with a stray basset hound with medical issues that i found on a busy highway. I had tried a lot of other organizations and no one would help me. I wanted to find who he belonged too and to help him get home. When i called the ANIMAL SUPPORT PROJECT i was told we will help you can you bring him here or shall we come there .” I was floored.” i took him over and they not only helped me by telling me what to do to find his owner but they helped me with his medical issues, giving me worm meds and flea meds, and things like food etc…Thanks to them Buster the basset is now home with his family, and in great shape for being on the road for 3 weeks at 14 years of age…I was so impressed by the overall expertise of these people i now foster dogs for them and would do anything i could to help this wonderful group of “People and Animal friendly “RESCUERS…..THANK YOU…..

TASP is an amazing organization! I have volunteered at several of their adoption clinics and am always impressed with their dedication to each and every animal. Beyond that, TASP staff demonstrate again and again their willingness to assist owners in times of strife. They will help with vet care, procuring food or medical supplies for those in need, they post lost animal announcements on their web site, etc.

In their effort to match each animal with the appropriate home, TASP staff always take the time it takes! They recently had 2 Jack Russells who, for various reasons, were difficult to adopt out. However, TASP founder Melissa fostered these animals for several years, at her own personal expense, until the right homes were found! This is the hallmark of TASP – they are willing to help surrendered and abandoned animals, at their own personal expense, AND they will help owners in need; owners who may need a helping hand to keep their pets at home with them.

TASP is an amazing group and I’m proud to be able to help them when I can!

The Animal Support Project not only rescued our beloved Gracie but entrusted her to us in the most loving and compassionate way…dealing with this organization has renewed our faith in the generosity of spirit of humankind. We could not have asked for a more positive experience or more dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful to them.

We adopted Georgia 2 years ago from ASP Inc. and were very impressed with the love she was given while in their care, the amount of time the representative spent with us and the follow up contact. I often recommend this group to anyone who will listen! Their obvious concern for safe, healthy and happy homes are evident.

I adopted a dog from TASP about two months ago and I cant say enough GOOD about the entire experience. After the application and home visit approval, our girl Sasha was delivered to our home. She was everything we had hoped for and more….Unfortunately, she had some special veterinary needs of which I was made fully aware of before the adoption. I was SO taken by surprise when the project offered to TOTALLY take care of the cost of getting her healthy again. They even drove us to Tufts vet clinic…..3 hours away……and paid for the visit. I cant thank them enough for their help. They truly care about whats best for the animals and bend over backwards to make successful placements each and every time.

With the help of their continuous fundraising efforts….

….their adoption fee??? ZERO, ZILCH, NADA……. The bottom line????….its all about helping people help animals. Three thumbs up for The Animal Support Project!

A member of the Animal Support Project was kind enough to help me with my new puppy even though I did not adopt one of their pets. She provided me with a crate (on loan) and connected me with plenty of information about raising a puppy. It was very kind and greatly appreciated. The Animal Support Project is truly dedicated to helping anyone and their pet in their time of need. Thank you!!