About TASP

Our organization started informally in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina brought many of our founders together by coincidence in south Louisiana during the Katrina animal rescue response. Upon our return, we recognized that although there were plenty of shelters and rescues who would take animals in and re-home them, the community’s pets lacked a source of temporary support that could keep them with their owners and families through a time of crisis.

Incorporated in 2008 and recognized as an official 501.c.3 charity in 2009, The Animal Support Project has pursued our mission of meeting the needs of owned animals in crisis through creative mitigation and intervention approaches we learned while deploying with the national animal rescue groups at animal disasters all over the US. We are proud to have been awarded the Top-Rated Nonprofit badge by greatnonprofits.org year after year, recognizing our excellence in practices and transparency.

Since our founding, thousands of companion animals of myriad species have been able to remain in their homes with the people they know and love, thanks to TASP’s work. All-volunteer and all-species, TASP uses creativity, skills, experience and networking to address each individual situation with enduring solutions. We fund-raise all year long and apply 100% of what we earn directly to the animals who need help. Our volunteers train regularly in best practices regarding animal training and behavior, veterinary issues, Animal Law, the Incident Command system and other topics that keep us current and effective.

Our proactive approach to companion animal retention is the most humane, the most cost-effective and the least labor-intensive approach to resolving pet crises. On average, 90% of animals TASP serves are enabled to remain in their homes after we’ve intervened. In cases where a reliable solution just can’t be developed (owner’s death, illness, or conditions that endanger the pet/humans) TASP facilitates foster care, adoption and/or hospice to ensure each animal will live the highest possible quality of life going forward.

As TASP has grown, we are pleased to see the national rescues we’ve been associated with over the years have also recognized the value of pet retention programs like ours. Organizations like The ASPCA, HSUS, Best Friends and even some local shelters and humane societies around the country now offer pet safety-net programs to bypass pet homelessness without involving removal of the animal from its family. We are no longer unique in our mission but we are one of the pioneers in the concept that says animals aren’t homeless until they’re removed from the home.

We appreciate your interest in The Animal Support Project and hope you will follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on our website’s blog at www.theanimalsupportproject.org . Thanks for caring!