We would not be able to do all that we do without the help and support of our many wonderful volunteers.   They help us make a difference in the lives of the animals and pet owners we serve by :

  • Fostering and finding new homes for pets
  • Assisting in adoption days
  • Participating in disaster response
  • Transporting animals/supplies
  • Participating in special work projects (such as building a fence needed by a pet owner)
  • Organizing and/or staffing fund raisers
  • Contributing material for our website
  • Providing postings for our Facebook page
  • Assisting with office/clerical tasks
  • Writing newsletter articles and/or helping with design and publishing

There are many, many things to do, so we’re always happy to consider any offers of assistance!

John and Laurie MalmJohn & Laurie Malm, Valley Falls, NY…

John and I have been volunteers for two years as of August, 2013.  Actually it was fate that brought us into this great organization. Fate and a 14 year old Basset named Buster. In the 2 years since Buster, we have fostered a full dozen dogs and cats.  One was a 9 month old lab from Louisiana who was abused and about to be shot because he was blind. We have gone on long trips to find the perfect home for our foster animals. We also went on one rescue deployment, and would like to go on a lot more when our jobs allow it.

When we came into this, we only wanted to foster small dogs. Since then we have had small to large to very large dogs and we love them all. We have adopted two and over time we have come to specialize in special needs pets.  It is so rewarding to us to train the blind dogs and seeing them get their confidence back. We’ve handled some things we never thought we could, and each volunteer opportunity we participate in is something we will always remember. We learn and grow with each animal we help.

We help as much as possible with fund raisers. John does a lot of the mechanics for the “TASP” van. We haul and drive pets to the vet etc. And we have a bottle drop for “TASP” in our yard where friends and neighbors can drop off their returnables to help fund the care of these deserving animals.