Yep, Wouldn’t ya know, Miss Coco Chanel is now the permanent resident at what used to be her foster home and is now her FOREVER HOME!

That’s right, Fran and Wayne decided that at Coco’s mature age, it just wasn’t fair to her to remain on the adoption fair circuit anymore. So now, when she’s not cruisin’ on the Harley or admiring her latest hairstyle in the mirror, Coco Chanel is curled up next to Wayne-Daddy on the couch, whispering into his ear what she wants for her evening treat.

And ain’t it sweet to know it’s going to be like that EVERY evening from now on for this little princess?

Thanks to Fran and Wayne Miller for turning one of the saddest canine situations ever into a really joyful last chapter for Jason’s little angel. He must be watching with great approval and gratitude, for sure.