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Update on Mitch’s Dogs……


Sadie’s Foster Mom decided Sadie is too good to give up, so Sadie will now be Lucinda’s dog for life! CONGRATULATIONS, SADIE!

This means we are still seeking a home for just ONE! of Mitch Valerien’s dogs. We’re also now in need of a new TASP foster home, now that Lucinda’s home is complete.

Thanks to the kindness of our community, Midnight, Andy, Billie, Ben, Zach and now, Sadie! have all found loving homes. That leaves just Mallory still in foster care and hoping for a permanent home.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the video and learn how you can help. Details on Mallory can be found on the Adoptable Animals page of this website.


Yep, Wouldn’t ya know, Miss Coco Chanel is now the permanent resident at what used to be her foster home and is now her FOREVER HOME!

That’s right, Fran and Wayne decided that at Coco’s mature age, it just wasn’t fair to her to remain on the adoption fair circuit anymore. So now, when she’s not cruisin’ on the Harley or admiring her latest hairstyle in the mirror, Coco Chanel is curled up next to Wayne-Daddy on the couch, whispering into his ear what she wants for her evening treat.

And ain’t it sweet to know it’s going to be like that EVERY evening from now on for this little princess?

Thanks to Fran and Wayne Miller for turning one of the saddest canine situations ever into a really joyful last chapter for Jason’s little angel. He must be watching with great approval and gratitude, for sure.

Update on Brooke

Hey, Everyone! This Cinderella Has Found Her Prince Charming!

Hey, everybody! It’s me, Brooke again. Know what? You won’t believe this, but when I was hanging out at the recent Pet Connection Adoptathon at the Van Patten Golf Club, showing off my long down-stays in front of all the cats,  the dreamiest guy walked up and started asking questions about what kind of dog he should adopt. He said he wanted a special dog who would be his forever companion. He wanted a dog who could be happy living in an apartment; someone who was trained, clean and quiet in the home, well mannered and not a chewer….. Do we know anyone who fits that description? DO WE???

So he said he was considering a Labrador Retriever puppy. But when he started learning about what Labrador Retriever puppies need to be happy, he said maybe a Lab’s not right for him. Then he asked about other breeds…..Greyhounds, Boxers, Shepherds, and all the time, I’m sitting there, trying to catch his eye and wondering when he would notice ME! Lying quietly in front of two tables full of cats! For cryin’ out loud, I was the answer to all his requirements! Would he even consider me? After all, for the past year and a half, I haven’t gotten even a single adoption application. I’m like, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, y’know? So all of a sudden, Melinda says (bless her little heart), “Well, THIS DOG,” (me, yeah, that’s right, ME) “has been in training for over a year with one of the best trainers in the country. She’s very clean in the home and not a chewer.” Y’know, I could have jumped right up and given her a big slurpy kiss! But I couldn’t, because she hadn’t released me from my down-stay. So I just lay there, trying not to get my hopes up, all the time, my stomach is doing flip-flops and I’m wishing I’d had the time to dress in one of my provocative outfits for this event……or at least had my nails done!

So check it out! This guy starts looking me over and asking all the right questions……and then……..along comes Steve Caporizzo and starts talking to the guy and then another nice man comes along and starts talking to Steve and then that nice man wants to donate a carload of stuff to The Animal Support Project so Melinda and Devin start talking to him AND MY PRINCE CHARMING WALKS AWAY!!!!! Yeah, he walks away and disappears. Meantime, Devin’s getting the van loaded with the wonderful stuff that other nice man donated and Steve Caporizzo moves on to socialize with the others at the event (he’s such a great guy!). And I’m thinkin’, “Oh, well, it was just too good to be true, anyway.

But then, just like in a romance movie, Melinda spots Prince Charming talking with someone at another rescue group’s table and she grabs an adoption application and my flyer off our table and she pulls Devin aside and says, “Go give these to that guy we were talking to about Brooke.” So Devin goes over to Prince Charming and hands him the papers and that’s that. Devin comes back, Prince Charming wanders off and I’m back to being the bridesmaid again. Until just minutes before the event is ending, MY PRINCE RETURNS and he asks to take me for a walk. So we walk together past all the other dogs, who, I think, were all teaming up to make me look extra good (I’m sure they all know how long I’ve been looking for a forever home, y’know). They were all barking and lunging and hiking their legs and chewing their leashes while I glided along like a runway model, smoooooothe as a gravy sandwich on a nice loose leash. I showed My Prince a sampling of all the fabulous tricks I can do, all the obedience moves, all the awesome long stays……and then the magic words from My Prince: “Do you have a pen?” Melinda puts a pen in his hands and he fills the application out RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT! The rest of the story is like the happiest ending in your favorite fairy tale.

My Prince is a retired Soldier. He’d been looking for the dog that would speak to him. A dog for his soulmate. And he found this in ME. Don’t tell me prayer is useless, that miracles don’t happen and that dreams don’t come true. I have not A HOME! I have THE HOME! I have THE MAN! We hike and fish and go boating together. We wander outdoors and spend quiet times on the couch together. We share secrets and we support each other 24-7. At last, I’M THE BRIDE! :o)

Brooke’s Back Story……..

It’s me, Brooke. And I thought maybe some of you would like an update on what’s up with me these days. Well, after a year of training and behavior work in my foster home, I guess you could say I am a well-developed little lady. I’m three years old now. Bubbly and goofy during play & snuggle times, I can turn on the work-mode with just a word from you. Wanna see me do my long sits? Or my down-stays? Or my nosework, agility or rally obedience moves?  Wanna see me heel, or roll over? I’m not ruled by my emotions anymore and my past life of running the streets after Hurricane Sandy seems like it must have happened to someone else, not me. Today, I am a thinking dog. When a challenge comes along, I look to my person and ask them what they want from me. I’m into relationships now, not distracted anymore by the things that shouldn’t concern me.

I’m ultra clean in the house. I don’t chew furniture or shred the bedding like some dogs might do and I never, ever do my business in the house.  I’m spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and so well educated, I think I could maybe even balance your checkbook!

In my present condition, I’m ripe for finding a real home of my own. I’ve got so much love to offer and there’s so much fun to look forward to! We could drive to the pet shop and I can demonstrate my “leave-it” command as I pass by the pig ears and rope toys. We could hike in the forest together, and maybe invite some friends to come along. I love dressing up…..I’ve even got my own bikini! I love hugs from strangers, riding in the car, sharing a spoon of ice cream, hunting for kibble under the furniture and stretching out for belly rubs. I adore picking apples in the fall and wrestling with sturdy, friendly dogs my size.

And although I am now trained to leave cats and small animals alone, even if I am sitting right next to them, would it be ok if my new home didn’t have those? Their size and movement patterns make it so hard for me to resist chasing them! You know, it would break my heart if I accidentally disappointed you.

Are you looking for a special companion who will work overtime to make you happy? Someone who knows what it’s like to lose everything? Someone who will make you laugh out loud with her silly moves and her crazy costumes? I’m Brooke: precious monkey, beautiful lady, sweet sister, Girlfriend.

Will you call for me? 518-727-8591

See Brooke’s Training Videos

Project Outcome Followup: Puppy and Gail

Remember these two ladies from our last newsletter?  That was Puppy and Gail back in 2017. Back then, Puppy was keeping Gail’s spirits up after Gail lost her husband and her son. The two were inseparable and TASP made sure Puppy received the care she needed to remain healthy. After all, she had an important job to do as Mom’s primary companion.

It was a rough winter for Gail and Puppy. Gail’s health continued to fade and the little mobile home suffered from frozen pipes and way more snow than Gail could deal with. Meantime, Puppy needed occasional modification of her heart meds to keep her coughing under control. Over the long winter, Gail made a couple of emergency trips to the hospital for her breathing problems and ultimately, her invitation to heaven came. She reluctantly left Puppy and went to be reunited with her son and husband, her beloved goats and all the others who left this world before her. That left Puppy alone for the first time in her life.

Before Gail was loaded into the ambulance for her last trip to the hospital, she gave her house keys to a kind neighbor and asked her to watch over Puppy and to call TASP if she didn’t return. It was the neighbor who notified us of Gail’s passing and Puppy’s new status. The next day, a TASP volunteer visited Puppy and taught the neighbor all about the medicines Puppy took three times each day. For the next few days, this good neighbor visited Puppy regularly, feeding & medicating her, running the TV and keeping the little dog company until Gail’s daughter could arrive from Florida.

What a wonderful moment for Puppy when Sis walked in the door! She remembered Sis from the old days, and what’s more, Sis has the same distinctive voice as Gail! After what seemed like the loneliest time in Puppy’s little life, being gathered up into Sis’s arms and hearing her voice made the world seem beautiful again. A new chapter had begun!

Again, the TASP volunteer visited Puppy’s home, this time to meet with Sis and teach her how to administer Puppy’s meds. TASP provided a month’s supply of meds and a spreadsheet listing each medication, dosage and other important information for Puppy’s future care.

Over the next days, Sis closed up the little old mobile home and took care of Gail’s final business; and then she and Puppy left for Sis’s home in Florida. Puppy flew with Sis right in the cabin, as a VIP comfort dog, and she made it through the flight like a real pro. Now, little Puppy lives the pampered life and travels everywhere with Sis in the land of sunshine. She has a human family, a cat and other dogs to cuddle with and the warmer climate and more active lifestyle have done wonders for her heart & lungs.

Puppy knows that someday she’ll receive her invitation to heaven and will eventually get to be with her Mama, Pop and Bro again. But for now, she’s enjoying the benefits of her new life and family. It feels good to know Puppy remains loved and is getting the excellent care she deserves. As Gail’s loyal little companion, she gave her all. Now it’s all coming back to her in spades!


Press Release – Two Hurricane Sandy Dogs Find New Homes

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July 5, 2013

                                                                                                Media Contact: Melinda Plasse




             Two Hurricane Sandy Dogs Find New Homes with Help From

ASPCA and The Animal Support Project


Cropseyville, N.Y.—- The Animal Support Project (TASP) announced today that after months of behavioral rehabilitation, two dogs found in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are moving on to new homes. A generous grant from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) enabled TASP to rehabilitate Brooke and Pluto, two New York City dogs lost during Hurricane Sandy last fall. At this writing, the first of the two dogs has already begun the next chapter of his life with a new, loving family in Scotia, N.Y.

Following Hurricane Sandy, TASP assisted with daily care at the ASPCA Emergency Boarding Facility in Brooklyn, N.Y., which was established in November to provide temporary sheltering for animals displaced by Sandy. During the operation, TASP volunteers recognized the potential of Brooke and Pluto, two dogs that remained unclaimed when the boarding facility closed in February.

“NY City’s stray pets endured tremendous hardships during and after that hurricane. Given that reality, the ASPCA’s Emergency Boarding Facility in Brooklyn provided the bridge to a new, secure life,” said Melinda Plasse, President of The Animal Support Project. “ We at TASP are proud to partner with the ASPCA, enabling Brooke and Pluto to enter that new life well equipped both physically and behaviorally.”

Thanks to the generosity of ASPCA, TASP was able to afford the behavior training and medical care necessary to make Brooke and Pluto adoptable. They start their new lives with a year’s worth of ASPCA pet health insurance, thanks to ASPCA’s commitment to the animal victims of Hurricane Sandy.

“The ASPCA was thrilled when The Animal Support Project volunteered to take in Brooke and Pluto, two dogs that have been through a great ordeal,” said Dr. Dick Green, director of disaster response for the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. “We are happy to see these dogs finally move on to new, well-deserved homes through the tireless effort of TASP.”

Disaster response is just one component of TASP’s mission to support animals and their owners through tough times. As an ASPCA Field Investigations & Response Partner, TASP expands its disaster response and recovery capabilities to assist even more animals and the people who treasure them.

For more information, please visit

About The Animal Support Project

The Animal Support Project, Inc. is a 100% volunteer 501.c.3 charitable organization dedicated to proactively reducing the suffering of all species of companion animals through crisis intervention. Through TASP’s combination of field response, public awareness, mentoring and spay/neuter initiatives, hundreds of animals each year are spared the stress of being surrendered to a shelter or euthanized. Equally important, the owners of these animals are enlisted in the process whenever possible, helping them become a part of the solution and part of a more humane community.

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