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Fantasy Photo Fun Time!

Did you know that in 2019, TASP spent over $70,000 helping over 400 animals who would have otherwise been sent to the shelter or worse? The donations we receive at our Fantasy Pet Photo clinics are a vital part of our fundraising. All proceeds of our photo clinics go 100% to the care of the region’s animals in crisis; allowing us to keep saving needy pets of all species when they need us most.


Visit our Events Calendar page to find the photo clinic nearest to you. For a $10 donation, take home a framed keepsake photo of your pet against one of over twenty different digital backgrounds.

Due to the Corona Virus, TASP 2020 Fantasy Photo Clinics have moved out of the pet centers and onto the internet. CLICK HERE to order your photo online!

Stay tuned to our Events Calendar for notice of the 2021 Fantasy Photo schedule. We’re working on the new schedule right now!

Personalized Dog Mom Mother’s Day Shirt!

Robin sez, “Get a load of the extra-neat T-Shirt Mom got for Mother’s Day! Available in just about any color of the rainbow, Mom‘s royal blue one shows off her pretty red hair, don’t ya think? And check it out! The shirt spells, “Mom,” the way I would spell it…..with a big pawprint heart! And do ya see my name written across that heart? Yep, that’s the way I wanna always be for my Mom, written across her heart.

Sending a big shout out to all of you who purchased one of these ultra-cool shirts for Mother’s Day gifts! And thanks to the kindness of Sixty4DesignStudio, you can still get a T-shirt like this for YOUR Mom, or a special Mom in your life. For just $20, they’ll send you a shirt like this in the color of your choice, with the name or names of Mom’s kid(s) written across the heart, just like ours. Sixty4DesignStudio is continuing to donate $10 from each sale directly to the TASP General Operations account so TASP can keep on helping Moms (and Dads and kids, too) keep their pets safe, healthy and loved, even through tough times. So who needs a holiday to celebrate a special Mom? 

Wanna know more? Click the gray T-shirt below for details!

Fantasy Photo Clinics – Update!

COVID lockdown may still be keeping us socially distanced, but thanks to the wonders of technology, TASP continues to keep the Fantasy Photo Fun flowing indefinitely!  

Continuing until COVID-19 lets us all get back on the circuit, The Animal Support Project’s Fantasy Photo clinics are being updated monthly ONLINE! 

Now you can order your TASP Fantasy Photos ONLINE each month, at your convenience, in the comfort of your own lockdown……and know you’re continuing to help our community’s pets stay safe and healthy while you stay safe and healthy, too!

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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Opt-In for Our Upcoming Newsletter

The 5th issue of  The Animal Support Project’s email newsletter is in development, and we’re hoping to get it out to all of you who opted in before the trees lose their autumn leaves.

In this edition, you’ll find out how Mitch’s dogs are doing. You’ll meet a couple of TASP volunteers who have been helping out with all four units of TASP’s Incident Command structure: Finance, Logistics, Operations and Planning (better known as FLOP) ;o). And of course, we’re bringing you up to date on all the latest tips, resources, and legal developments concerning companion animals! 

What’s that? You say you haven’t received a TASP email newsletter yet?  Well, then you might still need to OPT-IN.

To opt-in, just click on this Opt-In link and follow the ensuing instructions. BTW, please share with anyone you know who might also be interested in receiving the newsletter. Thanks as always for keeping tabs on us. We hope you will enjoy the newsletter as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

The fifth edition will be out before you know it!

And you won’t want to miss out on the news about Sarah!

COVID-19, Riots and The Animal Support Project….NOW WHAT?

Right now, many folks are reading this message while still in isolation or quarantine or curfew. You may be wondering how The Animal Support Project will be dealing with the changes in all of our lives brought about by the arrival of the Novel Corona Virus and the Random Acts of Crime occurring here in the Capital Region and throughout the state.

Like everyone else, TASP faces some challenges ahead.

We face a loss of revenue from having to temporarily call off our popular Fantasy Pet Photo fundraisers and our tag sales. Add to this an already-evidenced reduction in donations due to the financial stresses many of our supporters are facing after the State imposed mandatory shutdown of so many businesses in NY and then “vampires” decided to destroy what was left of local businesses.

These are realities we can’t get around……CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Paws2Protect FREE FLEA AND TICK CAT COLLAR event at Troy Area United Ministries was a blast!

Folks did what they had to do to get to the event to take advantage of our free Seresto cat collar offer. Free spay-neuter-vaccination vouchers were also handed out to those who needed them, too! What an awesome day! Thanks to TAUM and our volunteers for making the event a success!

Update on Mitch’s Dogs……


Sadie’s Foster Mom decided Sadie is too good to give up, so Sadie will now be Lucinda’s dog for life! CONGRATULATIONS, SADIE!

This means we are still seeking a home for just ONE! of Mitch Valerien’s dogs. We’re also now in need of a new TASP foster home, now that Lucinda’s home is complete.

Thanks to the kindness of our community, Midnight, Andy, Billie, Ben, Zach and now, Sadie! have all found loving homes. That leaves just Mallory still in foster care and hoping for a permanent home.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the video and learn how you can help. Details on Mallory can be found on the Adoptable Animals page of this website.


Yep, Wouldn’t ya know, Miss Coco Chanel is now the permanent resident at what used to be her foster home and is now her FOREVER HOME!

That’s right, Fran and Wayne decided that at Coco’s mature age, it just wasn’t fair to her to remain on the adoption fair circuit anymore. So now, when she’s not cruisin’ on the Harley or admiring her latest hairstyle in the mirror, Coco Chanel is curled up next to Wayne-Daddy on the couch, whispering into his ear what she wants for her evening treat.

And ain’t it sweet to know it’s going to be like that EVERY evening from now on for this little princess?

Thanks to Fran and Wayne Miller for turning one of the saddest canine situations ever into a really joyful last chapter for Jason’s little angel. He must be watching with great approval and gratitude, for sure.


Petapalooza at Curtis Lumber was another great opportunity for our adoptables to get a little lovin’ from animal lovers coming from all over the area. Now we’re processing the great applications we took in to see who will be giving their homes and hearts to Maisie, Playboy, Duncan, Ben and Coco. We should be posting some really joyful happy beginnings photos here soon so stay tuned!

Wayne & Playboy

Thanks, Steve Caporizzo, Pet Connection and Curtis Lumber for opening doors and hearts for so many deserving animals!