In Their Words……

Messages of thanks from those we serve

Thank you! This has lifted a giant stressor off my shoulders! – Catherine

Oh, that would be amazing!  Thank you so very very much!! ……I can’t express how much I appreciate the help with him he’s a very sweet cat. – Mellissa

Becky and I thank you very much and Harley is running around chasing her tail she’s so excited cuz I told her the news that we’ll go for rides again. Thank you ever so much. That’s a wonderful Christmas present I will talk to you soon God bless – Dirck

I love you thanks and Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year xxxxxooooo – Linda

I never cared for Fraternities or Sororities till I read your newsletter. They went way up on my book for doing a good deed. – Sioux

Hello there! Happy New Year! I wanted to email you and say thank you for helping Kali get her teeth cleaned. She’s basically a brand new cat. She plays more and eats well. She’s definitely a lot happier now after the teeth cleaning. I just needed to say thank you for helping me afford her teeth cleaning. – Catherine

I did get the chewy box with the cranberry supplements and thank you so much for the food. – Donna

At this time we are all healthy and hope all of you are as well. What your program does to help so many is wonderful and we are glad to be doing our small part. Stay healthy! – Cathy

The kittens you helped us trap are doing well. Picture to come….. – Steve