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TASP Fantasy Photo Background Samples November, 2021

1 Autumn Sky

2 Talkin’ Turkey

3 Holiday Sweets

4 Isn’t Thanksgiving Delicious?

5 Cornucopia

6 Autumn Lane

6 Dried Leaf Frame

7 Save a Drumstick for Me?

8 Autumn Forest

9 Autumn Greetings 2021

10 Fall Sunshine

11 Mayflower

12 Autumn Leaves

13 Sparkling Autumn

14 Kickoff

15 I Feel Pretty!

16 Autumn Harvest

17 Pilgrim Pose

18 Autumn Spread

19 Hay There

20 Harvest Frame

21 Cosmic

22 Galaxy

23 Golden Leaves Frame

24 Extra-Terrestrial

25 Thankful in 2021

26 Autumn Doves

27 Autumn Lane

28 Happy Thanksgiving Day

29 Hearts on the Beach

TASP Fantasy Photo Background Samples – October, 2021

1 Autumn Forest

2 Harvest Picnic

3 Golden Stroll

4 Autumn Celebration

5 Harvest Table

6 Monster Approaching! (choose a mask or not)

7 Bats & Pumpkins, Oh My!

8 Spooky

9 Happy Halloween w/ Witch’s Hat

10 The Eyeballs Have it

11 Graveyard Visitor

12 Gothic Gates

13 Howl at the Moon

14 Throw Me A Bone

15552012 – human skulls and bones, kutna hora, czech

15 Meow-Wow! (or Woof-Wow!)

16 Trick or Treat

17 Smilin’ Jack

18 Who Let the Bats Out?

19 Halloween Woods

20 Harvest Frame

21 Haunted Manor

22 October Greetings

TASP Fantasy Photo Background Samples July & August

1 Bridge to the Falls

2 Look to the Clouds

3 Clam-diggin’

4 Just Swingin’

5 Pup-tent

6 Greetings from NY

7 Summer Banner

8 Picnic Time

9 Beach Bag

10 Summertime

11 Dog Days of Summer

12 Beach Blanket Bingo

13 Poolside

14 Flipflops

15 Hearts in the Sand

16 Paris Fireworks

17 Tropical Sunset

18 Umbrella Drink

19 Shark Week

20 Rainbow Fence

21 Aloha

TASP Fantasy Photo Background Samples June, 2021

1 Father Knows Best

2 I Heart Dad

3 Grillin’ With Dad

4 Heart-Felt

5 Around the Blocks

6 Breakfast for Father

7 Neckties Galore

8 Footprints in the Sand

9 Road Trip!

10 Pancakes for Papa

11 Patriotic at Heart

12 Celebrate!

13 Field of Flags

14 Old Glory

15 Stars & Stripes

16 All American

17 Natural Patriot

18 Summer Banner

19 Let’s Picnic!

20 Summer 2021

21 You’ve Got Class

22 Happy Graduation

23 Greetings From New York

24 Up, Up & Away

Muggs Has an Urgent Problem

Muggs Has an Urgent Problem

Hi, my name is Muggs. I’m a Shih Tzu. My Mom is a senior citizen who lives on Social Security. She adopted me from a local rescue three years ago.

And this is who I’ve always been…..

Sharp Dresser

Good Neighbor

Clean Livin’

Ladies’ Man

But this is who I am now……..

Stricken with secondary glaucoma from an old eye injury I suffered when I was a pup. A few weeks ago, out of the blue, my left eye just started hurting and swelling and now I’ve got one heck of a headache.

The Animal Support Project paid for a specialist at Upstate Veterinary Specialties to examine my eye. He says it’s got to be removed ASAP. There’s no saving it and it’s blind now. That surgery is the only way to relieve my pain but it’s gonna cost over $3,000!

I’m in good shape otherwise but the bad news is, on her limited income, Mom doesn’t have the funds to pay for this surgery. She only had $400 in the bank and she used that to get me seen by our vet before we even went to the specialist. I’m taking pain meds and eye drops to help keep me comfortable but the pressure won’t go down. And I know just looking at this eye is scaring people. I used to be a handsome little guy that the kids loved but now they run from me cuz I look like a freak.

Mom went back to the rescue that sold me to her to ask them for help. But they said they’d only help me if she surrendered me back to them! How do ya like that? The vet says it would be cheaper to put me to sleep but Mom can’t bear the thought of that. For cryin’ out loud, we’ve been together three years and it’s been just magical for both of us! We love the same TV shows, the same snacks, the same movies…….We’re made for each other! Mom could take care of my regular needs just fine. Everything was wonderful. We never dreamed my eye would explode like this! It took nearly a lifetime to find each other. I hope it doesn’t have to end so soon. That would be a heart breaker for both of us.

The Animal Support Project isn’t giving up on us and neither is Mom. She’s calling and emailing everywhere to try and find more money for my surgery. And TASP is posting my story in the hope that others who read about us will maybe donate to help save me. They’re just a small organization and COVID has really hurt them financially just like everyone else. But they know the value of relationships, two-legged and four-legged. They don’t want to see Mom and me separated, especially with the holidays coming. If you can’t donate, would you please share my story so maybe someone who can donate will learn about Mom and me and help us? The time is ticking on this bomb of an eye so I hope we can raise the funds soon. Thanks from the heart for caring and God bless!

Meet Erin O’Brien, TASP’s Berkshire Treasure

Those of you who have been participating in our Fantasy Pet Photo Clinics at Benson’s in Pittsfield already know Erin O’Brien as the ever-smiling, ever-joking ever-competent photog and computer operator who turns even the most incorrigible pet model into an absolute work of art. One Sunday each  month, Erin meets us at Benson’s ready to set up and shoot our fund-raising photos that draw folks from all over Berkshire County.

From our first meeting, Erin understood immediately what it was TASP was trying to accomplish with our mission to keep pets out of the local shelters through pet crisis intervention and mitigation. And by the time we handed her Zippy’s very first Fantasy photo, we were signing Erin up to be a TASP volunteer. Since then, TASP is stronger and so much better off for having Erin on our team.

Erin helps all the pets relax and have fun at photo clinics.

But don’t take our word for it, take it from Erin: “

“I stumbled across a TASP photo clinic at the Pittsfield Benson’s a few years ago and was so impressed with how patient Steve was with my dogs and how friendly the gang working the clinic was, that I volunteered to help out at future events. 

Before you know it I had learned a ton about PhotoShop, how to photograph wiggly dogs, and how to set up and tear down the photo clinic equipment.  But more importantly, I had met some of the best people I’ve ever encountered in the TASP family of volunteers.  You are all so dedicated, talented, and hardworking.  I’m impressed at every event with how much everyone does for animals in their spare time and not-so-spare time…….And of course, I’ve gotten to know some of the cutest, nuttiest, and sweetest animals and their loving pet parents.  The regulars at our events are the best for how supportive they are of TASP and it is obvious how much they love their fur babies.”

The family who dresses together stays together!

Not only is Erin a one-woman photo clinic, able to expertly handle every aspect of our process including setup, animal-handler, photographer, computer operator and admin; she is also an accomplished graphic artist with an absolutely joyful personalty that engages volunteers, pet owners and critters alike! Erin has been a volunteer with the outstanding Berkshire Humane Society for years and is a valuable resource to TASP and local residents who may need help navigating the animal welfare world on her side of the mountain.

Erin hands the first TASP check to Berkshire Humane’s Executive Director, John Perreault

It was Erin who developed the plan for TASP to donate all our Pittsfield pet photo clinic proceeds to Berkshire Humane’s PetSafe program since it so closely parallels our own agenda. Now, our organization can efficiently help Berkshire County residents directly through PetSafe’s multifaceted program to help the pets of people in crisis. Absolute synergy!

Erin’s COVID drive-by birthday celebration for Zippy

A devoted pet mom and animal lover, Erin gives her whole self to her dogs: high-octane Greystone and Zippy the wonderpup. And it’s clear they want nothing more than to be with their Mama, even when she’s not dressed up like one of them. Both dogs are so well trained by Erin they are even welcome at her workplace at Teton Property Management. Friends always look forward to seeing the latest facebook post from her about her dogs’ accomplishments and antics.

Teton Property Management welcomes well-behaved pets belonging to their employees.

TASP’s appreciation for Erin just keeps on growing. Once the COVID nightmare is under control in the Northeast, she’ll be managing our Fantasy Photo Events at local weddings, parties and other shindigs around her area. Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for more news about this expansion of our supporters’ favorite fund raiser that will earn more revenue for local pets in need.

Meantime, keep an eye out for Erin and her incredible smile in the Lenox-Pittsfield area. She’s the person every pet and every human wishes to be around……. and once you meet her, it’s a sure thing you’ll agree.

Opt-In for Our Upcoming Newsletter

The 5th issue of  The Animal Support Project’s email newsletter is in development, and we’re hoping to get it out to all of you who opted in before the trees lose their autumn leaves.

In this edition, you’ll find out how Mitch’s dogs are doing. You’ll meet a couple of TASP volunteers who have been helping out with all four units of TASP’s Incident Command structure: Finance, Logistics, Operations and Planning (better known as FLOP) ;o). And of course, we’re bringing you up to date on all the latest tips, resources, and legal developments concerning companion animals! 

What’s that? You say you haven’t received a TASP email newsletter yet?  Well, then you might still need to OPT-IN.

To opt-in, just click on this Opt-In link and follow the ensuing instructions. BTW, please share with anyone you know who might also be interested in receiving the newsletter. Thanks as always for keeping tabs on us. We hope you will enjoy the newsletter as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

The fifth edition will be out before you know it!

And you won’t want to miss out on the news about Sarah!


Jonesing for your monthly TASP Fantasy Photo clinic?  Wish you could have gotten that special photo of your best friend on one of our fabulous Easter/Springtime theme photo backgrounds BEFORE quarantine?  Well, thanks to the wonders of technology, TASP has found a way to keep the Fantasy Photo Fun flowing!  Starting this month and continuing until COVID-19 lets us all get back on the circuit, The Animal Support Project’s Fantasy Photo clinics are going ONLINE!  Now you can order your TASP Easter/Spring photo ONLINE and know you’re continuing to help our community’s pets stay safe and healthy!  

It’s easy to get a TASP Fantasy Photo emailed directly to your inbox and/or a print mailed to your home.  Just send us an email at that includes the following

Choose your background(s). CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BACKGROUNDS.

Attach your own photo of your subject(s) taken against a plain background.  If you have multiple subjects and want them to appear in the same photo, just send us a photo of each subject separately and we’ll combine them digitally.  Already been to a TASP photo clinic in the past? We can look up previous photos of your subject(s) from our archives and use them to create this month’s photo.

Let us know how you’d like to receive your photo:

Emailed .jpg photo @ $10 donation

Mailed hard copy print @ $10 donation (Be sure to supply your mailing address).

Or get both for $15 donation!

Lucite® frame for mailed photos optional @ additional $3 (covers cost of frame and mailing)

*Please be sure your email includes a phone number where you can be reached in case we need to contact you.

TASP volunteers will create your special photo and email you an invoice when it’s ready.  Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo or Facebook Pay.  Finished photos will be sent out within 24 hours of payment received.

With so many challenges brought about by COVID-19, more companion animals than ever are going to need TASP’s help to stay safe and healthy.  Bringing our friends and supporters this popular activity ONLINE at this time is our way of continuing to finance our mission, while hopefully creating some much-needed smiles.  As always, all proceeds are spent on supporting our community’s most vulnerable companion animals. Thanks for caring!

Grrrrrrreat Reads – Not Just For 1st Time Adopters


It is exciting to find so many good books about pet adoption on the market. Those of us who live with adopted pets know how much they mean to a family.


If you have ever opened your heart to an older pet, here’s a book you’ll want to check out:

 According to William Hageman, Reporter for the Chicago Tribune,  “If you read My Old Dog: Rescued Pets With Remarkable Second Acts (New World Library) and don’t want to run out to a shelter and rescue a senior pet, you have a heart of flint.”  The book, written by Laura T. Coffey and photographed by Lori Fusaro, champions a sometimes-forgotten segment of the animal shelter population.  It contains some truly beautiful photographs of senior dogs and a very nice resource section for folks who make older dogs a part of their life.



Perhaps the writer of My Old Dog will follow up with an equally well-built version about senior cats? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, we have an excellent book available now, offering the latest information on Senior Cat Care. Written by Susan Easterly, Your Older Cat – A Complete Guide to Nutrition, Natural Remedies and Veterinary Care is a veritable Bible of good information for anyone whose cat is reaching its sunset years. With easy to follow tables, resource lists and helpful hints, this book will help any reader get a grip on old-cat topics like the aging process, preventive care, natural healing options, chronic diseases and senior cat nutrition. The suggested reading list is most helpful and the photos are just beautiful.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s an excellent book on how to raise a great puppy written by Dr. Sophia Yin. Dr. Yin died a few years back, but she left behind her a tremendous wealth of writings about positive methods in pet training based on the latest research. Being a veterinarian, Dr. Yin also tempers her writings with the physical drivers behind behavior. Illustrated profusely with photos and drawings that are easy to interpret, Perfect Puppy in 7 Days – How to Start Your Puppy Off Right not only can help someone raising a puppy to do it right. It also can help the owner of a young dog understand the reasons behind behaviors they may be seeing in their pet, and how they can best modify those behaviors without ruining the dog.


Since we like to be even handed in our reviews, we owe it to the felines and their families to mention an equally interesting and well-designed how-to book about cats by Pam Johnson-Bennett: Think Like A Cat – How To Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat – Not a Sour Puss  From how to choose a new cat or kitten to how to kitten-proof a home to how to help your vet diagnose your cat’s ailments, this book is the one cat owners will turn to again and again over the lifetime of their cat. There’s some exceptional material in here about how to not only train a cat, but how to modify and even eliminate undesirable behaviors your cat may have developed. Personally we might have liked to have seen a few more illustrations in this book to break up the text a bit and help the more visual learners in our midst to get the message; but with so much valuable information in this book, we can forgive the lack of images and appreciate the treasure between its covers.

We’ll be there……….will YOU?