In Their Words…..

Just a taste of the many expressions of gratitude TASP receives from our community…….


“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the help with Kobi’s surgery. He’s doing very well. I

appreciate and thank you so much.”  – Celeste


“Love how well everything came together! Great plan executed  by great people!” – KC


“Thank you for the payment on Lazy’s wheelchair.” – Krys


“………we have eight out of  the reported 10 cats safe and secure in the holding pen  that

could not be possible without TASP….thank you so very  much….” – Tracy


“Thank you once again for your generous offer to contribute towards Moonbeam’s veterinary care and for the incredible work that T.A.S.P. does in helping so many animals and their human companions.” – Debra


“Thank you so much for your ……… assistance towards Marley’s surgical bill.  Her owner, Helen and our staff are grateful for your help. Marley is doing well. Thank you…. ” – Brenda