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TASP Tag Sale Update


Good question! 2019’s weather was so unpredictable, we only managed to get one extra-short tag sale produced.

This year, COVID is presenting us with a different kind of storm.

So we’ve opted to keep saving up donated goodies until the weather is clear and the virus situation is behind us. If all goes well, we’ll see y’all on the grassy knoll next to Sterup Square for a glorious Memorial Day weekend tag sale. 

In the meantime, if you know of an animal-loving local business or real estate agent who would donate an INDOOR space where we could run our tag sale, please click on CONTACT/FORMS on this home page to email us details. ASP gets so many wonderful items donated, we hate to have Mother Nature destroy them in this unpredictable Upstate New York weather. After all, that’s not helping animals, is it? An indoor venue in a high-traffic, conveniently located spot would be the ideal place for local folks to shop the TASP stash of fine donated items and help local pets when they need us most. Thanks for keeping your eyes and ears open about this for us!

RPI Alpha Phi Omega Students help TASP Staff Tag Sale Fund Raiser