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Szula – Updated!

Szula’s recovered SO WELL after her elbow was rebuilt at Veterinary Specialties! Thanks to everyone who donated to Szula’s cause and also to all of you who prayed for Szula’s recovery.  Just take a look at her during her 2-week review with Dr. Fitzpatrick……….

Szula’s Back-story: This little 3.5 month old English Bulldog pup is Szula. She was playing a couple days ago in her fenced yard in Amsterdam with the other two dogs who live with her, when some miserable loser decided to try stealing her. While the perpetrator was trying to get her out the gate, the other two dogs rushed him and he slammed the gate on Szula’s left front leg, BREAKING HER ELBOW COMPLETELY! Szula’s owner, Eric, rushed her to the vet where for $300, they gave her a couple of laser treatments and told him that Szula only had a pinched nerve. A day later, when she was still in pain and not using the leg, Eric took her to the emergency hospital for $600 worth of diagnostics, including X-Rays. That’s when he found out that Szula’s leg was broken. A trip to Dr. Glennon followed, where an estimate of ~$3,000 for surgery to rebuild Szula’s shoulder was provided. Eric’s not working; in fact, he’s preparing for his own upcoming surgery. He’s already in hock for the $900 he’s spent in trying to diagnose his puppy’s injury. The perp got away and the authorities are still trying to find him. Dr. Glennon says if Szula can’t receive her surgery by Tuesday, then he’s recommending euthanasia.

SZULA UPDATE AS OF 7PM, JULY 8: Eric got discouraged over the weekend when he was only able to scare up around $300 in pledges through Onyx and Breezy Foundation and Guilderhaven. So he did not make his appointment with Dr. Glennon until I talked with him this afternoon. To date, Dr. Glennon’s office only provided a verbal estimate based on the phone call Eric had made to them back on July 3. But now Szula actually has a consult scheduled with Veterinary Specialties Referral Center for tomorrow, July 9. Either Dr. Glennon or Dr. Fitzgerald will review the tests and x-rays Eric’s already done and from there, they will make their recommendation. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, likely in the late afternoon. Meantime, please pray and send your best energy to Szula and her Dad and to the doctors who will be reviewing her case tomorrow.

SZULA UPDATE AS OF JULY 9: Eric just got back from Veterinary Specialties Referral Center. Dr. Fitzgerald says if Szula can’t get her surgery by Friday, then she should be put down. Please network like crazy so that we can get Szula the surgery she needs. This poor girl should not have to euthanized.

Anyone wishing to donate to this surgery can submit a PayPal donation via Veterinary Specialties Referral Center in Pattersonville, NY’s website. On the right hand side of the home page, click on ‘For Pet Owners’. When that page loads, on the left hand side, click on ‘Financial Assistance’. Fill out the form, including the required fields; the pet owner’s name is Andres Robles, the client id is 16295, your email address, the pet’s name is Szula and the amount of your donation. Then hit submit. On the next page click ‘Pay with PayPal’ to complete your PayPal transaction. If you have questions, Dr. Glennon’s office can be reached at 518-887-2260.

Thank you so very much for your donation. Together we can get this little girl the lifesaving surgery that she needs. No donation is too small. Every little bit helps.

Rosie’s Story

Hi, my name is Rosie.

TASP was honored to have cared for this wonderful little senior beagle, making the last chapter in her life as good as it could possibly be for her. After being struck by lightning in July of 2013 while tied to a steel cable in her former home’s yard, Rosie’s external injuries eventually healed. But the damage her kidneys suffered from the trauma could not be reversed and eventually claimed her on May 15, 2014.

Throughout those ten months, Rosie lived in TASP foster/hospice care with other animals and people who adored her. She never let her past inhibit her sense of joy for living or her gentle disposition toward everyone she met.  Every day, she enjoyed the best in veterinary care, wholesome food, and exercise. She had her own thermal beds around the house to keep her warm through the winter and in spring, she enjoyed hunting for bunnies under the shrubs in the yard with the other dogs.

Rosie’s last days were spent quietly enjoying the beautiful yard and the cozy trailer at George Kautz’s place, where she, Patches, and Buttons could peacefully take in all God and TASP could offer. We can only imagine the wonderful time she is having in the afterlife with all the wonderful people and animals already passed over the bridge, who surely greeted her upon her arrival.

Rosie in her foster home.

In memory of Rosie.

ASPCA Generosity Helps TASP Do Right By Hurricane Sandy Animal Victims

While TASP volunteers were volunteering at ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy Emergency Pet Shelter in Brooklyn from October to January, we came across Brooke and Pluto, two wonderful pit bulls who were picked up as strays after the hurricane. As the shelter was winding down, we worked with ASPCA to develop a plan for these two dogs to move upstate with us and undergo boarding, foster care, medical care, obedience and agility training and general guidance on how to be a good member of the family. ASPCA graciously stepped forward with a generous grant enabling us to bring Brooke and Pluto to their full potential as pets, so they can achieve forever homes through our adoption program. The effort is now blossoming and we are happy to report that Pluto has moved in with his new family in Scotia. Brooke also landed a fantastic home with a retired soldier, and she goes everywhere with him as his support dog. Both dogs entered their new homes with a full year’s free ASPCA Pet Insurance coverage, to further insure their future. THANK YOU, ASPCA, for partnering with TASP to make this work possible.

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Dogs rescued from NYC being trained, prepped for adoption locally

Published: Monday, June 03, 2013
By Andrew Beam – The Troy Record

CROPSEYVILLE — The Animal Support Project has a 2-year-old pit bull up for adoption after it was found without a home during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Pluto with his new adopted family, the Rosenbarkers. (photo provided)

The Animal Support Project, a 501c3 charitable organization which regularly tries to prevent pets from being placed in animal shelters, has had to play a different role after two pit bulls were found displaced due to the damage done by the hurricane to New York City.


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