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Helloooooooo, Mabel!

Hello, World! It’s me, Mabel! The friendliest little ball of muscle you ever could ask for.

I’m a mix of old fashioned Staffordshire Terrier and something else….not sure what. Been used strictly for makin’ babies for most of my 4 years of life but I’m a liberated woman, now. Got spayed so that breeding gig is over for good, thank God! Folks at The Animal Support Project finally came to my rescue when they recognized what a fine gal I really am and how my life was being trashed by the people who used to own me.

I’m still learning my manners and started informal obedience training so I can learn how to be welcome in genteel society. I am VERY affectionate, very athletic and very food motivated so training will be alot of fun for me and my peeps. I can’t wait to demonstrate what I can do with a little bit of encouragement and shaping.

I LOVE car rides and I’m nice on a leash but sometimes I read some dogs dissing me and that makes me want to put them in their place. When I walk I kinda waddle and I grunt a little. It makes folks smile! And instead of a bark, when I get excited, I let out a squeal just like a baby pig! Everyone knows when I’VE got something to say!

It’s time for me to start letting folks know I’m available for adoption, so hence my big splash on PetFinder. I’m hoping to match up with a home that is ready to live an active lifestyle. So far, I’ve missed out on all the hikes and car rides and visits to Tractor Supply so I’ve got alot of living to do. Got the worlds’ biggest tongue and alot of enthusiasm so my kisses will knock a small kiddo over……. probably I should go to a home where there are no little or frail ones for me to accidentally damage. It would break my heart if I disappointed you, y’know.

We’ll be adding more photos and updates soon, so stay tuned, ok? And if you want to learn more about me, just give a call: 518-727-8591. I’m always up for making new friends so let’s do lunch!

ASPCA Generosity Helps TASP Do Right By Hurricane Sandy Animal Victims

While TASP volunteers were volunteering at ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy Emergency Pet Shelter in Brooklyn from October to January, we came across Brooke and Pluto, two wonderful pit bulls who were picked up as strays after the hurricane. As the shelter was winding down, we worked with ASPCA to develop a plan for these two dogs to move upstate with us and undergo boarding, foster care, medical care, obedience and agility training and general guidance on how to be a good member of the family. ASPCA graciously stepped forward with a generous grant enabling us to bring Brooke and Pluto to their full potential as pets, so they can achieve forever homes through our adoption program. The effort is now blossoming and we are happy to report that Pluto has moved in with his new family in Scotia. Brooke also landed a fantastic home with a retired soldier, and she goes everywhere with him as his support dog. Both dogs entered their new homes with a full year’s free ASPCA Pet Insurance coverage, to further insure their future. THANK YOU, ASPCA, for partnering with TASP to make this work possible.

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Dogs rescued from NYC being trained, prepped for adoption locally

Published: Monday, June 03, 2013
By Andrew Beam – The Troy Record

CROPSEYVILLE — The Animal Support Project has a 2-year-old pit bull up for adoption after it was found without a home during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Pluto with his new adopted family, the Rosenbarkers. (photo provided)

The Animal Support Project, a 501c3 charitable organization which regularly tries to prevent pets from being placed in animal shelters, has had to play a different role after two pit bulls were found displaced due to the damage done by the hurricane to New York City.


Featured Adoptable Animal

Mitch’s Dogs

Please help us find good foster/adoptive homes for the Late Mitch Valerien’s dogs. We owe it to this wonderful person who helped so many, to do right by the pets she left behind. Details on each dog can be found on the Adoptable Animals page at the TASP website.

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