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Featured Adoptable Animal

Mitch’s Dogs

Please help us find good foster/adoptive homes for the Late Mitch Valerien’s dogs. We owe it to this wonderful person who helped so many, to do right by the pets she left behind. Details on each dog can be found on the Adoptable Animals page at the TASP website.

Thanks for caring.


Make Mine a Double! Copper’s Story


Copper’s Story:

Howdy! The name’s Copper. And 10 years ago, I came north from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Back then, I was a handsome young buck of a purebred Coon Hound; just a year old an’ all full of myself. I lived till now with my family in the country, outside of Troy, NY. That’s where I met my pal, Charlie. I gotta tell ya, Charlie taught me everything about how to be a good dog. He’s been my best friend and mentor all these years. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Now, I guess you could say Charlie and me are entering the “Sunset Years.” We take it pretty easy these days; most of our fiestas are really siestas, if ya know what I mean.  We spend most of the time lying outdoors, watching the squirrels make fools of themselves when weather’s nice or snoozing in our beds in the basement when the weather turns sour. Now and then I still like to go out to the woods and howl a bit, just to let the foxes and coyotes know where the property line is.

If it weren’t for the fact that my family’s moving out of the country, you probably wouldn’t even be hearing from us. But yeah, that’s right. The family’s moving to Mexico and they said if Craigslist couldn’t find us a new home, they’d put me and Charlie to sleep permanently. Lucky for us guys, a volunteer from The Animal Support Project saw our posting and brought us to foster care. TASP joined with PAWS (Pioneers in Animal Welfare – they’re old friends with TASP from the Katrina days) to work together on our case.

Things here in foster care are fine; the foster-folks are real nice and the food’s good. But I gotta tell ya, if me and Charlie could have our wish, it would be for a little more space and a few less dogs. Not that we’re complainin,’ but somebody asked what we dream of, so I’m just lettin’ ya know.

We’re both pretty healthy. Been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. I’ve got a fatty tumor under my neck, but it don’t bother me and heck, don’t every old guy have a lump or a bump somewhere? At least mine’s harmless. And aside from a little stiffness in the morning, we’re plenty fit from all the years of livin’ out in the fresh air and getting’ lots of exercise.

Do ya think you have room for a couple of old farm boys like us, or if not, do ya know someone who has room for a couple of big lawn ornaments? If ya call, maybe we could talk it over. 518-727-8591. Or you can download an application right now if you CLICK HERE.

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